wtorek, 20 listopada 2007

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Last week I met this gorgeous blonde in one of my college classes. We are paired up to work on a science project that is expected to last 6 weeks until completion. This meant that we were going to spending quite a bit of time together and I was really looking forward to it. The sexual tension was there and we both felt it.

During the first week of working on our science project together, we were definitely doing more flirting than we were actually working. We just couldn’t concentrate on our work. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and kissed her. That one single passionate kiss ignited the flame and it hasn’t burnt out yet.

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We spent about a week straight skipping classes and doing nothing but fucking for hours on end. Then one afternoon, Kylie told me to get down on all fours. I did as I was told. She came up behind me and spread my hairy ass cheeks wide. I wasn’t too sure what she was going to do next, but this blonde cutie was such a good fuck that I would let her do pretty much anything she wanted. I felt her warm wet tongue gently caressing my hairy asshole and I was in heaven. I had never felt anything this good before. She took her tongue and buried it deep in my ass as she stroked my rock hard cock. Having my ass licked drove me wild and I could barely keep from blowing my load as she licked my ass cleaned until it shined.

She then told me to lie on my back. I spread my legs wide so she was able to have plenty of room to work her magic on my hairy ass. She polished my family jewels for a little while and then slowly worked her tongue down to my asshole. She was so gentle and knew all the right spots to touch with her warm wet soft tongue as she licked my ass while stroking my cock until I shot a forceful load of creamy man goo.

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Ricki is a brunette college student who we have worked with several times before. She is extremely intelligent, but has this warm outgoing personality and an incredibly sexy body. Ricki is one those students who never really has to study and still manages to ace her classes. She generally spends most of her time going to parties or screwing around on her webcam. Lucky for us, Ricki has raging hormones and can never seem to satisfy her sexual appetite.

We haven’t seen Ricki in the studio for awhile and we were developing our new ass licking site, so we called up Ricki one afternoon. We told her about the new site and how much fun we had working with her before. She told us that she has never licked ass before, but she was willing to give it a try. She was so eager to be in front of the camera that she showed up at the studio that afternoon.

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licking hairy man ass!

Our male model took one look at Ricki and was instantly rock hard. He was the hardest I have ever seen him. Ricki was equally attracted to him and when she began to do her little striptease act for us, you could see that her pussy was getting nice and wet just thinking about our male model. Ricki didn’t waste any time either. As soon as she was naked, she went right to work spreading his ass cheeks wide and taking her first taste of man ass. She quite enjoyed it too as she buried her warm wet tongue deep into his ass. He was about ready to pop within minutes of her munching down on his chocolate starfish. After this scene today, I’m sure this won’t be the last time we see Ricki licking some man ass until it shines.

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